Building a business case for a flexible work request

Building a business case for a flexible work request

I was recently quoted in the Telco Solutions Blog as saying that for some workers (and particularly millennials) flexibility can be as important to a worker as salary.

I maintain that this is the case and I am not the only one. In Recruitment International, it was recently reported that by 2020 50% of our workforce will be millennials. Think about the fact that they have grown up as part of our technology generation and you will start to see why I am making that claim.

A similar view was also echoed in Forbes by Heidi Lynne Kurther who stated that working from home is no longer a luxury but a requirement for many millennials, who may not even consider a job option unless there is a remote work opportunity attached to it.

What about you? Do you insist upon flexibility? And does your employer offer flexibility?

When I talk about flexibility I am not talking only about remote work or part time work.

I am talking about working in a way that suits your unique set of circumstances, this could be:

  1. working remotely

  2. working part time

  3. working compressed or extended hours

  4. staggering your start and finish times to suit your schedule

  5. job sharing; or

  6. school holiday leave.

Any or all of these things (or any other arrangement that suits you and your employer) can be considered flexible work and in some cases in Australia, employees have the right to request it and employers can only refuse this if a reasonable business case exists to do so.

How do you ask for flexible work?

If you would like to consider your flexible work options or require help building a business case for flexible work to take to your employer (incorporating one or more of these options) I help people do this through The Tracksuit Economy consulting services.

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The ebook is now a printed book!

The ebook is now a printed book!