How to land a remote job

How to land a remote job

You look at colleagues and friends working from home, commuting down the hallway and think, “how do I get myself a set up like that?” I get it, I really do. I have worked from home for over 4 years now.  Firstly as an employee and now as the boss lady heading up the Tracksuit Economy and the Remote Expert.

For me, it is fantastic and I love it.  It helps me juggle life administration and keep things ticking over with an active 7-year-old boy.  It also lets me live in regional New South Wales at a slower and more affordable pace. I am also an introvert, which is also an important ingredient in my view.

Are you suited to remote work?

But, before you make grand plans to repurpose your garage as an office, you need to work out if you are suited to remote working. I have worked with people in the past who have tried remote working but after a stint of remote working prefer the collaborative energy of an office.  For them a mix of work from home days and office days could be ideal.  The beauty of remote work is the flexibility and being able to structure it to suit you.

How do you find a role?

Say you decide you want to live by the beach or in country New South Wales and definitely want to look into a remote role, the next step is to work out where to look.  There are a lot of scammers out there who promise offers of a home based business where you will make 6 figures a month. 

To avoid the scammers and time wasters, you need to ensure any role you look at is legitimate.  There are recruitment agents out there, such as Pointer Remote Roles who specialise in remote roles and Free Range Lawyers who place lawyers in remote roles.  My advice is to go looking via a recruitment agent who specialises in flexible and remote work in your industry.

Are you remote ready?

There is no point applying for remote jobs when you don’t have the internet connected to your place.  It would be like a Doctor applying for a job without a medical degree.

You need fast and reliable internet and the right set up at home.  This means a good computer with video conferencing ability, a printer, a scanner and a designated workspace with ergonomic furniture.  Some employers require you to complete checklists of your workspace and take photos to show them you are set up for remote work without distractions.

If you are a parent, you should also arrange childcare during the hours or days you need to work remotely.  Remote work is not an excuse to look after your kids while you work.  Sure, there will be times like after school or in the evenings where your kids are there, but it shouldn’t be an all the time thing.

You also need to ensure your personal brand is remote ready.  What is your LinkedIn profile like?  Is it up to date, have you got a professional photo?  Do you have a public profile?  A smart and savvy profile can demonstrate to a potential employer that you are remote ready – believe me, they WILL Google you before they offer you a job.  Don’t let them see embarrassing photos on a public Facebook profile or off-colour jokes.

Finally, you need to be organised and demonstrate to an employer in an interview that you are a self starter and organised.  Give some thought as to what types of organisation strategies you use, do you favour the pomodoro technique, or are you more of a bullet journal/ to do list person?  Have you tried out any online organisational apps such as Asana or Trello?  These are all things a potential remote employer might ask you. You need to be ready to discuss and appear enthusiastic about productivity and time management.

Is your CV remote ready?

Getting yourself remote ready is one part of the equation, the next is getting your CV remote ready.  Your CV should reflect not only your employment history but your skills and the skills that will be attractive to a remote employer. 

Ensure you also give some thought to the referees you list on your CV. Remote work relies on trust between an employer and an employee.  It follows that any prospective employer will likely query your referee about how trustworthy you are.

The interview

If you have found the perfect role and thanks to having yourself and your CV remote ready, the next challenge will be an interview.

Get ready to talk about all things remote work like:

·       how you manage your time

·       boundaries between work and home life;

·       productivity;

·       how you communicate; and

·       any other role specific queries.

Getting ready for an interview can be daunting, particularly when you have never worked remotely before.  I help people understand what is required of them in a remote role and get them remote ready.  Book a consult today to discuss how to make your CV remote ready and how to make you remote ready.

Freedom is one remote job application away.

The ebook is now a printed book!

The ebook is now a printed book!

"Just" implies an apology. Stop using the word

"Just" implies an apology. Stop using the word