I am not buying any new clothes in 2019

I am not buying any new clothes in 2019

I am not buying any new clothes or shoes in 2019.

This, amongst some other more “traditional” New Year goals, is part of my 2019 goal round up.


The idea took seed in my over crowded brain last week and has been niggling away at me like a mosquito buzzing in my ear. 

It all started when I was brainstorming ways we can tighten the budget for 2019 with me now officially “going rogue” and starting up a flexible and remote work consulting business after 18 years in a stable career practising law.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought, “why not?”


The commitment is that I will not buy anything new for my wardrobe in 2019. *

 (*Exclusion – replacement “essentials” like underwear, runners etc are permitted if replacing an essential piece of clothing I wear regularly).


 I draw a direct parallel between this goal and the work I do in my “Tracksuit Economy” and “Remote Economy” businesses.

1.         You are already enough

I teach candidates looking for remote or flexible work options that they are enough. 

Rather than re-inventing themselves or pretending to be something they are not, I advocate that candidates build their personal brand.

The pieces of the puzzle are almost always there.  It is more about the confidence and sass to put them together in a way that makes employers appreciate what an asset they have in the employee.  And, when an employer appreciates an employee as an asset, they are more likely to consent to a proposal to work flexibly or remotely.

Through “The Tracksuit Economy” I help employees repackage themselves and appreciate their talents in a way they may not have come to understand until a third party helps them see themselves through new eyes.

 2.         Recycle

 The challenge I will face in 2019 with my wardrobe will be how to mix and match outfits and pare them down into capsules. 

 I will concede that it is possibly a little easier when you wear ripped denim shorts/ tracksuits to work most days, but still a challenge when I can’t buy something new for an awards night or a wedding.

 3.         Discard that which does not serve you

 I also hope to cull a large part of my current wardrobe as 2019 marches on. 

 By removing excess choices and using capsule outfits, I am going to attempt to simplify my life.

 Businesses and employees can do this too.  By removing the traditional things like office space, desks in offices and becoming more agile, it is possible to remove clutter in office organisation and administration.  It follows that with less choice and surrounding extraneous clutter, we can focus more on the task at hand.

4.         Save money

 Finally, the overwhelming motivation for me was to save money.

 While I don’t typically buy clothes every week or every month, I do go on shopping sprees from time to time.  By ceasing to do this it will help to keep funds in my pocket as I boot strap a consulting business.

 I imagine it will also help me to re-assess what I need going forward day to day as 2019 draws to a close.  Be that less cupboard space or less clothes to do the same job.

 Employers can save money by hiring remote workers and this is part of what I teach in my Remote Economy program.  By cutting down on the need for physical office space with a remote team you can save on office set up costs.

 Employees also save money in terms of commuting costs and time spent not commuting is also valuable to those who have the benefit working remotely.


 It may seem a little extreme and, if I am honest, it does feel a bit like giving us something for lent but for a whole year…..

However, I’m committed! Hence me publishing this online before I can chicken out.



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