Obligation Explosions and Career Shake Ups.  Bring on 2019!

Obligation Explosions and Career Shake Ups. Bring on 2019!

I have a confession to share. I struggled this month. REALLY struggled.  To the point of wondering whether I would be physically able to make it to Christmas.

Obligation Explosion

 As December approached my stress levels increased. The thought of trying to fit in all the extra things, manage an active boy on holidays from early December and hold down a job was difficult.   A lot of things went by the wayside - we have no external Christmas lights in our frangipani tree out the front of our house, I had to say no to the LegalVision legal team lunch and Christmas Party last week and well, I have been far less festive than usual.

I suspect I am not Robinson Crusoe.  The additional obligations (some self created some unavoidable) get difficult for all of us in December – I think of it as an “obligation explosion”.

But, I am not complaining, merely reflecting.  Obligation explosion can be a really positive thing if managed correctly.  If we can find some time to reflect, it provides a great opportunity to work out what is and what isn’t working for us.

Career Shake Up
Which brings me to the second, and very exciting part of this blog, I am in the middle of a career shake up – the biggest shake up since I commenced work 19 years ago as a law graduate.

From 1 January 2019, I will be launching twin brands:

  • The Tracksuit Economy, which will assist individuals to:

    ·       Refine their career goals;

    ·       Build a personal brand;

    ·       Build a business case for flexible work;

    ·       Establish themselves as a remote worker; and

    ·       Support to transition into a flexible or remote role. 

  •  The Remote Economy is my employer/ organisation service and will provide a blueprint and resources for organisations wanting to employ remote workers, particularly smaller boutique organisations where there is no Human Resources team.

I am still going to be at LegalVision, but in a different capacity. I will no longer be be a Practice Leader (Partner equivalent), rather I will be working part time more generally in the New Law space.

I am excited to be pursuing my passion for flexible work and look forward to my next steps in changing the way we work.

In launching the Tracksuit Economy and the Remote Economy my aim is to ensure we live life and work. At present, my view is that we work and live life life in between our work and other obligations.

Is this a sign you need a change?

If these feelings of wanting to pursue your passion or if you have felt stressed or burnout this year, then this blog and my services may be a sign that you need to spend some time over the festive season reflecting.

Post reflection, you may decide a career change or it may not even be a different job. Things could be as easy to fix as changing the way you do your job to ensure you can live life and work, rather than working and living life in between snatches of spare time away from work and child care drop offs and other obligations.

If you think I can help in the New Year, I would love to chat, contact details (and consult booking times) at my website, www.thetracksuiteconomy.com

Finally, a Merry Christmas to you all, may your festive season bring you all the wishes you desire.





I am not buying any new clothes in 2019

I am not buying any new clothes in 2019