The following organisations are friends of the Tracksuit Economy. They offer similar insights into remote and flexible work or offer services to help you achieve remote and flexible work.


Nikki Jenkinson and Angela McKenzie over at Cahlia are on a mission to help skilled women build successful businesses, whether it’s their own business or one in which they work. Get in touch at

Let's make it work, baby!

Catherine Brookes is a mum, employment lawyer, partner at law firm Moores and co-founder of Natural Supply Co - and in her 'spare time' she has written a book, "Let's make it work, baby!" to help more parents negotiate flexible work arrangements in the best interests of their family and workplace.  Buy the book here!

Pointer Remote Roles

Jo Palmer, the Founder of Pointer Remote Roles, created a niche remote employment hub.  Pointer Remote Roles is a one stop shop for candidates to find remote work, and a hub for employers to find the best person for a role, regardless of where they live. Check it out here (and yours truly makes an appearance on the blog, showing how to prove your worth as a remote employee).


Ellyot is an online co-working space directory. Search by location, date and time to start comparing thousands of extraordinary work-spaces fit for your needs. Get on their website (and Blog, Ellyot Spaces) here.