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The Remote Expert

Are you an employer who hires remote team members or wants to hire remote team members but don’t know where to start or what to do?

The Remote Expert can assist. A unique blend of legal, risk management and human resources expertise in one affordable package.

Headed up by Emma Heuston, a commercial lawyer with over 18 years experience, the Remote Expert provides a savvy solution for businesses wanting to have the benefit of a distributed (remote) team without the need for a HR professional and / or in-house counsel on staff.

What does the Remote Expert do?

The Remote Expert offers:

  • template documents for download, accessed here;

  • a customised drafting service for remote work documents and policies - enquiries here; and

  • consulting services to determine what your business needs to do to get remote ready - contact us here.

Who does the Remote Expert help?

Our niche is small to medium size businesses.

We help our clients by:

  • Creating distributed and remote team policies, checklists and agreements;

  • Providing specialised remote work employment agreement templates;

  • Helping to craft insurance checklists for remote employees;

  • Guiding them to create a suitable remote work welcome pack and communications checklist to minimise hiccups during the employment on-boarding and probation periods;

  • Assisting with remote employee induction;

  • Supporting them to provide a remote work friendly culture;

  • Tailoring a way to measure Key Performance Indicators based on output of work rather than time;

  • Assessing workflow and office procedures and systems to ensure that systems are suitable for a distributed team; and

  • Advising on the best ways to communicate with your distributed team.

Want to work with us?

Please get in touch with Emma Heuston at emma@thetracksuiteconomy.com to discuss the range of documents and checklists we provide and the services we can offer your organisation as you move towards a distributed team or visit The Remote Expert.