“I want what she’s having”
— Rhiannon Walker



Most people are working hard to get ahead while still trying to achieve a work life balance. Emma provides an easy insight into how to adapt to working from home (as we [my husband and I] do already) and make simple changes that are effective. I would Definitely recommend this to anyone - especially working mums or those with kids!

Shirley Hitschmann

H & M Photography

The concept of remote working is not new but there is surprisingly very little out there on the topic. Emma gives a fascinating insight and account of what it is like to be a remote worker in the traditional legal profession as well as interviews with other remote workers and what "triggered" them to move out of the traditional office work mold.

Alyssa Huynh

“I cannot express in words just how invaluable Emma’s support has been in getting where I am today. She is a fantastic mentor and supported me to make the right career move.

Emma helped me realise my priorities and my true worth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to get more from their working life”

Special Counsel, Brisbane

Emma’s advice and modern desirable work perspective validated my need to seek flexible work.

Emma’ tips and advice gave me the confidence that I needed to make the request [to my employer] for flexible work. The answer was met with a positive yes. I am thrilled and cannot thank Emma enough for her assistance.

junior (mature aged) lawyer, New South Wales

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