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Testimonial - Shirley Hitschsmann , H & M Photography

An enjoyable read about something that affects most people working hard to get ahead while still trying to achieve a work life balance. It provides an easy insight into how to adapt to working from home (as we [my husband and I] do already) and make simple changes that are effective. Definitely recommend this to anyone - especially working mums or those with kids!

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This was an insightful and engaging read on everything you need to know about remote working, or working from home. The concept of remote working is not new but there is surprisingly very little out there written on the topic. This author gives a fascinating insight and account of what it is like to be a remote worker in the traditional legal profession as well as interviews with other remote workers and what "triggered" them to move out of the traditional office work mould. If you are curious about what remote working is about or are after tips and tricks on how to be successful at remote working, this book is a must-read.

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This easy-to-read peek into the reality of flexible working was refreshing and honest. I loved the way Emma explored why working from home is a great option not only for her, but for her business! A worthwhile read for anyone interested in untraditional working arrangements in a corporate world that's still coming to terms with what working remotely looks like (and why it should be encouraged!)















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I want what she's having!  This is an inspiring read for anyone who works from home, or aspires to. While I'll never be able to work my regular job from home (I work in an Art Gallery), this book was full of really useful tips for my side hustle Etsy business. There's only so long I can go on clearing the dining table between kids activities to get my work done! Emma writes with honesty, humour and a wealth of experience. I highly recommend her book, and hope the tracksuit economy is a movement that continues to grow in popularity.

Facebook - The Tracksuit Economy

This was such an enjoyable read - easy to read but very engaging. I don't work remotely, but this helped me understand how members of my team must feel in their daily activities and interacting with our office on a frequent basis. A great job at explaining the work dynamic, the pros and cons of remote work and, most importantly, how to make remote working work for you!