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Emma Heuston helps people create Calmness and life/ work balance in their busy lives.

She does this by implementing flexible and remote work solutions for employees and employers.

SAY NO TO BUSy and say yes to productivity.


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The Tracksuit Economy is a practical and relevant blue print for anyone who wants to find a work-life balance and work from home – employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Emma shares her knowledge, insight, tips and tricks and also draws from the experience of numerous other trailblazers in the field.

The Tracksuit Economy reached number 1 on the Amazon Australia Home Based Business best sellers charts the day of its release in May 2018.

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“The day I decided that there must be a better way, was much like most others. I finished work at 5pm and rushed to pickup my tired and cranky 12-month old baby from day care. Yet again, we were stuck in never ending traffic snaking from the Sydney CBD to the outer suburbs. I found myself sobbing along with my son who was hungry and exhausted.  I felt utter despair at what was our daily grind. That was the moment I knew I had to reframe the way I lived and worked.”

— Emma Heuston